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Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP – Grey Market Premium Today

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Copy of Harsha Engineers IPO GREY MARKET PREMIUM 70

Check out Anupam Rasayan IPO Grey Market Premium aka Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP, Kostak rates, and Subject to Sauda rates as of today.

Anupam Rasayan IPO will start on Date 12 March 2021 and will close on 16 March 2021 with an IPO Size of Rs. 760 crores and a price band of ₹553 – ₹555 Per Share. Anupam Rasayan IPO will be listed on BSE and NSE

Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP Today

The Grey Market Premium of Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP is ₹70.

Anupam Rasayan IPO Kostak Price

The Kostak Price of Anupam Rasayan IPO is ₹0.

Anupam Rasayan IPO Subject To Sauda Rates

The Subject to Sauda Price of Anupam Rasayan IPO is ₹0.

Anupam Rasayan IPO Expected Returns

Anupam Rasayan IPO Expected returns is 25%

Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP Daily Movements

DateGMPKostakSubject to
23 March 20217000
22 March 20219300
19 March 20211253507000
18 March 20211313507000
17 March 20211313507000
16 March 202115207000
15 March 20211854005000
13 March 20211554005000
12 March 20211804005000
11 March 20212704505000
10 March 20212693504000
9 March 20212754004000
8 March 20213304000
5 March 2021000
4 March 2021000
3 March 2021000
2 March 2021000
1 March 2021000
28 February 2021000

Anupam Rasayan IPO Dates & Price Band :

 IPO Open:12 March 2021
 IPO Close:16 March 2021
 IPO Size:Approx 760 Crore
 Price Band:₹553 – ₹555 Per Share 
 Listing on:BSE & NSE
 Retail Portion:35%
 Equity: Shares
Face Value: ₹10 Per Equity Share

Anupam Rasayan IPO Market Lot:

  • Shares: Minimum 27 Shares & Maximum 351 Shares
  • Minimum Amount: 14985
  •  Maximum Amount: 194805

Anupam Rasayan IPO Allotment & Listing :

  • Basis of Allotment:  19 March 2021
  • Refunds:  22 March 2021
  • Credit to Demat accounts: 23 March 2021
  • Listing: 24 March 2021

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About Anupam Rasayan

Anupam Rasayan Logo

Anupam Rasayan India Limited® is one of the leading companies engaged in the custom synthesis and manufacturing of speciality chemicals in India. Our business verticals are (i) life science-related speciality chemicals comprising products related to agrochemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals, and (ii) other speciality chemicals, comprising speciality pigment and dyes, and polymer additives. With our customers at the heart of everything we do, our focus is to manufacture products with sustainability using our continuous process technology through flow chemistry and photochemistry, greater R&D and engineering capabilities to deliver values for our customers for their complex and multi-step synthesis projects.

Since 1984 Anupam Rasayan India Limited® has been a valuable partner to our customers for custom manufacturing of multi-synthesis molecules such as (i) life science-related speciality chemicals comprising products related to agrochemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals, and (ii) other speciality chemicals, comprising speciality pigment and dyes, and polymer additives on an exclusive basis for our customers. Certain of our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company with sound technology, environment consciousness, rich history of innovation through research, and total commitment to excellence towards quality and sustainability.


We have developed a strong R&D structure to drive company growth. Thanks to our R&D team, Anupam Rasayan India Limited® has secured a strong market position. Because we strongly believe that continued investment in Research and Development activities is imperative for continued success and growth. Our dedicated Research and Development Centre is a perfect testimony of the commitment to this belief.

Green manufacturing and Green growth have always been at the top of our agenda, we have developed new eco-friendly, safer and novel routes for many products. Most of these products have been introduced on an exclusive basis for our customers.

We have Six manufacturing sites that are located in the state of Gujarat: 4 sites are in Sachin, Surat and 2 state of art sites are in Jhagadia, Gujarat.

Anupam Rasayan Vision: Our vision is to be a globally reputed chemical manufacturing company with respect to our Research, Technologies, Quality, Safety and care of our Environment.

Anupam Rasayan Mission: Our mission is to grow exponentially in a multi-faceted manner in the group chemistries that we are proficient in and most importantly, through our customer support.

Anupam Rasayan Research and Development

We believe that R&D is critical in maintaining our competitive position, addressing changing consumer trends and industry developments, developing innovative processes, undertaking complex chemistries, environmental management and developing costs and operating efficiencies.

We have a dedicated in-house R&D facility located at Sachin Unit – 6, which is equipped with laboratories engaged in process development, process innovation, new chemical screening and engineering that assist us in pursuing efficiencies from the initial conceptualization up to commercialization of a product. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research has also recognized our in-house R&D facility. In addition, we have a pilot plant at Sachin Unit – 6 that has the capability to support customer needs for pre-commercial production for product development by employing new production technology and performing a large number of complex chemical reactions.

Anupam rasayan research and development

Each of our products is subjected to a quality check by our in-house R&D team, to ensure that the finished product meets customer standards and other specifications. As of September 30, 2020, we had a dedicated team of over 40 employees in the R&D department. We believe that our R&D has and will continue to assist us in developing newer technologies, manufacturing processes and chemistries for existing as well as new products, which will 145 help reduce the cost of production, simplify manufacturing processes to improve safety, reduce environmental load and provide us with other growth opportunities.

Our R&D has played a key role in the expansion of our commercialized product portfolio from 25 products in Fiscal 2018 to 34 products in Fiscal 2020 and 36 products in the six months September 30, 2020. Further, we received the ‘Corning Green Innovation Award’ for customer excellence in Advanced-FlowTM Reactor applications development for 2015.


– IPO Grey Market Premium (Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP) mention is valid for the specific date as mentioned in the header.
– We are not buying and selling IPO forms on IPO Grey Market.
– Kostak Rate is the premium one gets by selling his/her IPO application (in an off-market transaction) to someone else even before allotment or listing of the issue.
– Do not subscribe for IPO by just seeing the premium Price as it may change anytime before listing. Subscribe only considering the Fundamentals of the companies.

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