IPO Grey Market Premium, Latest IPO GMP & Kostak Rates in 2021


Stay updated with the latest details of IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP) from IPO Guru. More than 6 IPO’s are expected to come in the month of January 2021. IRFC, Indigo Paints, Suryoday Small Finance Bank, ESAF Small Finance Bank, Nazara Technologies, RailTel, Kalyan Jewellers are the IPO that are expected to launch soon. Indigo Paints IPO GMP is rocking and the stock is expected to list at a 40% premium.

IRFC IPO GMP is no more an exception, it is also expected to have a blast. After that IPO of NSE, and many other companies are in the queue. Check out the IPO GMP i.e. Grey Market Premium in the table below.

IPO GMP – Grey Market Premium Today

Last Updated : 21st January 2021
IPO NameGMP TodayKostakSS
Indigo Paints8509507500
Home First Finance1505502500
Stove KraftN/AN/AN/A

Get daily updates about IPO grey market premium of Burger King, Mrs. Bectors Food IPO, RailTel, and IRFC IPO Grey Market Premium. Check the latest IPO GMP today.

Important Points

  1. IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP) are the prices for the particular date only. We try to update it 2-3 times every single day. Also, the date is mentioned in the table title.
  2. This is only the current GMP price, we try to show the trend for a particular IPO. We do not buy, sell, or do any transaction in the IPO Grey Market.
  3. The IPO Grey Market Premium changes daily and every hour. This is just an indicator. Don’t blindly follow IPO GMP and take your decision about its subscription.
  4. Kindly consult your Stock Broker or Financial Advisor for more information about the IPO.
IPO GMP - Grey Market Premium - Kostak Price - Subject To Sauda
IPO GMP – Grey Market Premium

What is IPO GMP – Grey Market Premium?

IPO GMP or IPO Grey Market Premium is the value which indicates the listing gain for a particluar IPO. If the IPO of XYZ company is having the issue price of Rs 100 and it is expected to list at the exchanges at Rs 120, then the IPO GMP or IPO Grey Market Premium is of Rs 20. The IPO GMP moves daily up and down and it might be different from different sources. There is no exact IPO GMP, but many big heads try to make calculations as per the demand of the IPO and the market scenrio.

What is IPO Kostak Price?

IPO Kostak Price which is also known as Application Price is the amount of money an investor gets by selling its IPO application regardless he/she will get the allotment or not. By selling the IPO Application at Kostak price, one can book the profits without trying the Luck for getting the allotment. This is a safe and secure way to get fixed profits in IPO Grey Market.

If the investor doesn’t get the allotment and the allotment status shows – “Not Allotted”, then the investor gets nothing. But if he had already sold the form at Kostak Price, then he gets the discussed amount of Kostak. But in case, he gets the allotment and the form is also sold, then the profit from IPO minus the Kostak price needs to be paid to the Kostak Application Buyer.

What is IPO Subject To Sauda Price?

Subject To Sauda Price is the amount of money an investor gets by selling its IPO application only if he/she gets the allotment. If the IPO is having a nice grey market premium, but the investor is not sure about the market condition of tomorrow, then he/she can sell the IPO application at subject to sauda price and secure the profits.

If you get the allotment then you make the profit of the subject to sauda price, but if you dont get the allotment, then it is no profit no loss. Over here you need to wait for the allotment status rather than IPO Listing day to understand the profits.